Be the dinosaur!

Experience the world of dinosaurs like never before! Dinosaurs A Prehistoric Adventure is an ARPG where you could play as +15 dinosaurs in a semi-open world environment.

Survive this unforgiving world as you explore various landscapes, each having their own obstacles and challenges, making them unique and fresh each time as they would require different approach to traverse.


Dinosaurs A Prehistoric Adventure is an ARPG where you could play as +15 dinosaurs set in a fictional world. Even though the setting of this game is completely fictional, the dinosaurs included are modeled based on real world findings.

Each dinosaur plays and would react differently towards different environments. One of the reasons for this is because each dinosaur has different survival capabilities. This would mean that an environment could be much harder to a point where it’s unforgiving for some dinosaurs to traverse compared to others and vice versa. This helps emphasize a sense of variety and depth for each dinosaur that is both meaningful and impactful.

Another aspect besides the dinosaur’s adaptability to the environment, is that each environment also pose its own obstacles and challenges that impacts each dinosaur differently. This adds another layer of strategy that would make the game more exciting even in its later stages.

Dinosaurs A Prehistoric Adventure includes two main modes, the adventure mode, where players would be able to play as a dinosaur and explore vast landscapes, and an exhibition mode where players would get to know more about the dinosaurs they’ve encountered, the world and lore that they’re in, and specific events they’ve encountered during their time in the adventure mode. Because of this, the exhibition mode becomes a very important aspect for players, as it would help inform players of the enemies they’re facing, the challenges they have to overcome, survival techniques they need to master, and preparations they have to undertake.


The world of Dinosaurs A Prehistoric Adventure brings players to a post-apocalyptic prehistoric world where pods have erupted and released poisonous material to the atmosphere. The rapid increase of poisonous material in the air transform much of the inhabitants into mutated violent beings. Only a few manage to withstand this mutation and are able to harness the power without destroying themselves. As more fell victim to this contamination, they become the only hope in preventing the spread of this corruption and restore the world to its rightful order.


• Play as +15 dinosaurs with each having their own strengths and weaknesses
• ARPG elements combined with survival elements such as hunger, thirst, and much more
• Rich and unique environments that are both challenging and fun to explore
• Two game modes: Adventure Mode and Exhibition Mode
• Simple controls


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