Animation Showcase and New Exhibition

Hi everyone

We would like to let you know that, after a few weeks of work, we’ve finally animated ALL of our dinosaur models. Here is one of our animated dinosaur model, the Concavenator.

The Concavenator would be one of the playable dinosaurs in the game.

Aside from the animation, we’ve also manage to integrate a new segment to our exhibition, introducing, the Mutated Dinosaurs Exhibition.

Mutated Megalosaurus

The picture above shows the Mutated Dinosaurs Exhibition, featuring the mutated Megalosaurus. Mutated dinosaurs are the main enemy in the game. They are categorized into four groups, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Mutated dinosaurs are able to cause lasting effects such as burn, poison, bleed, electrocute, or freeze during combat.

With every dinosaur having different resistance against these lasting effects, mistakes in knowing the enemy you’re facing and the dinosaur you’re using could prove fatal.

This creates a challenge for players to carefully consider which dinosaur to use, because the measure of strength is not simply through how much damage or how much health a dinosaur has, but how capable it is in dealing with the enemy.

More updates coming soon!


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